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Who are we?

We pride ourselves in efficiency and flexibility and welcome all clients, whatever their chosen medium from film, photography, video or multi camera broadcast television, and we can accommodate all circumstances.

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Our Studios provide Professional Environments

Innovative and hardworking teams with innovative and big ideas. Come on give it a go.

  • studio1

Studio 1
Film Studio 1

This Studio is fully equipped with the necessary tools to deliver at a high quality. Regarding the facility, we offer a fabulous, fully soundproofed atmosphere, with an infinity green screen. More

  • studio2

    this is test studio

Studio 2
Film Studio 2

This studio comes fully furnished, this includes two 50” plasma screens, and a background scene to suit your demand. This is all inclusive with your package at Shells for Media Productions. More

  • studio3

Studio 3
Film Studio 3

This studio has great views and is very adaptable. The space it offers can be potentially utilised to create a setting just right for you. More

  • gallery

Audio Gallery

Behind the Scenes: The Gallery professionally operates to edit and perfect scenes in order to meet your expectations. More

  • playout content management

Playout/Content Management‏
Playout/Content Management‏

Playout/Content Management‏.

  • sng uplink

News Gathering (SNG) Services

(SNG) uplink services on Ku and C band satellite coverage to North Africa, Middle East, and Asia More