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Who are we

Shells for Media Productions Ltd incorporates TV broadcasting technologies, in order to provide our clients with a Media platform. The core of our philosophy reflects in understanding our client’s needs; hence we strive to ensure a ‘value for money’; practical and flexible solutions are delivered on time, and on budget.

Shells for Media Productions Ltd will focus on providing its clients with the following:

  • Studio Hiring: Shells for Media provides its members and clients with a first class Studio facility, well equipped, with a shooting space of 37ft x 34ft. Shells for Media Productions are currently operating broadcasting systems and cameras tailored to the HD/SD format.
  • Uplink (SNG) services : Shells for Media Productions seek to deliver an efficient, reliable, yet affordable satellite news gathering (SNG) uplink services on Ku and C band satellite coverage to North Africa, Middle East and Asia.

We pride ourselves in efficiency and flexibility and welcome all clients, whatever their chosen medium from film, photography, video or multi camera broadcast television, and we can accommodate all circumstances.

Studio facility

Shells for Media provides its members and clients with a first class Studio facility, conveniently located near the A40, in Park Royal. The studio features a well-equipped, 37ft x 34ft shooting space with a 12.5ft. Ceiling and a separate, private dressing/makeup room, recording room & technical services. Find more details about our facilities below.

Our studio: A state of the art, air conditioned and our whole complex is acoustically treated which eliminates all possible road and atmospheric noise. Shells for Media Productions can also host live transmission and all your playout needs with Fibre Network to BT.

Shells for Media presents to you: An innovative and professional, photographic and graphic design centre providing an upscale, yet affordable, facility that offers its clients a wide variety of resources, specialised to deliver an ideal work environment.